What do I need to use Doct?

In order to use Doct, you need a smartphone on iOS or Android platform, and a Doct app with an active membership or activation code.

What is activation code?

The activation code is the number you received from your employer, insurance or a bank. With this code you can activate the app and you can use it without buying a subscription.

Do I get another activation code for another device with the purchase of the family plan?

With the purchase of the family plan, another activation code will be sent to the e-mail address within 24 hours.

What if my activation code doesn't work?

Contact your insurance, the bank or the employer from whom you received the code, or contact us by e-mail at support@doct.online

Who should I contact in case of technical problems?

In case of technical problems, you can always contact the customer support within the application.

How can I talk to specialists?

In order to gain access to specialists, you need a subscription to one of the Doct packages. To talk to specialists, you need to book an available appointment that you can find in their calendar. The conversation is paid for at the specified specialist price (the subscription does not cover consultations with specialists. The subscription covers 24/7 general practice doctors).

Can I get a prescription through Doct?

Doct doctors cannot prescribe you a prescription at this moment.

Can I get a referral for individual examinations through Doct?

Your family medicine doctor issues a referral for individual examinations.

Can I register with the app?

Yes, that is the only way to register.