Goodbye to waiting rooms. It's time for the online doctor.

24/7 available GPs

Available via secure video call

Licensed Croatian GPs in English language

Why Doct?

Need medical advice or another opinion and you don’t have time to go to the doctor? Traveling in Croatia with your family and you don’t know where to take a sick child? Do you have a fever in the late hours? Install Doct and contact your doctor now – anywhere, anytime. Your first call is FREE!


How to talk to a Doctor?

Medical Record

Create your digital medical record and have all your medical documents with you at ant time. Share them with your doctor and keep them in one place so they’re always available when you need them, even when you’re on the go. Everything is encrypted, only you and your doctor have access to your documents. Digital beats paper any time!


Choose a subscription

Subscribe to Doct and provide yourself and your family with maximum health care with doctors available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Unlimited number of calls. Monthly from only 45 HRK/5.97 EUR. FIRST CALL FREE. Free cancellation at any time!


    1 free call

    Valid for one person

    24/7/365 available GP's

    Unlimited number of calls

    Unlimited time of calls

    5.97€ / 45HRK per month

    Cancel anytime

    Annual payment - 20% discount!


    1 free call

    Valid for two adults and their children (up to 18 years)

    24/7/365 available GP's

    Unlimited number of calls

    Unlimited time of calls

    11.95€ / 90HRK per month

    Cancel anytime

    Annual payment - 20% discount!

Specialists - soon!

    Valid for one adult or one child

    Specialist doctors (pediatricians, psychologists, dermatologists...)

    With appointment booking

    One call

    Up to 30 minutes calls

    Pay per call(per price of the specialist) COMING SOON

Prepaid card

Prepaid cards are available in Farmacia specialized stores and Tommy stores. The card enables an unlimited number of calls to a GPs for 2 weeks from the day of activation. If you buy a prepaid card, all you need to do is follow the registration instructions and enter the activation number from the prepaid card so you can talk to a doctor right away.

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